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Glosboken is a digital tool that helps you study, regardless of subject, in a fun, efficient and individual way.

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About Glosboken

Glosboken is an engaging and effective software designed to help students with their studies, and teachers with management and progress tracking.

Glosboken saves the teachers time, and the environment, by eliminating pen-and-paper quizzes with self-correcting tests, and students can study in an engaging and fun way. As a teacher, you can easily follow the students' progress with statistics at both individual and class level, and adapt precious classroom hours to their needs.

What does "Glosboken" mean?

Glosboken is a Swedish compound word, made from the two words glosa (word) and bok (book). A Glosbok is a book where a student writes a list of words in both their native, and the language they're trying to learn. This way the student learns the translation of new words, and how to spell them.

Pronouncing Glosboken can be tricky, but here is a simple guide! Say Glos- the way you'd say close but with a g instead of the c, and -boken the same way you'd pronounce it in Hoboken, the city in New Jersey. Put them both together and you're done! Perfect Swedish... ish. 🇸🇪

Make teaching easier with our built in tools

Make it fun!

Glosboken helps the user study languages and subjects in a fun and effective way. Don't let the students get stuck with boring and repetivite tasks, it's so easy to be discouraged! With our smart tools they can study in an engaging way that suits them. As a teacher, you can easily set up and correct homework and quizzes for all students. Students can also create their own quizzes and exercises, to encourage learning in a way that suits them best.

All subjects in one place.

Glosboken is suited for all subjects and most languages. The customizable interface makes it easy to adapt the quizzes and tests to any and all school subjects. The teacher posts and shares their tests to any group of students, and as the students practice or do live tests the teacher gets feedback and statistics on their progress.

Since Glosboken is not just a language learning tool, this suits any subject. History? Math? Biology? Glosboken has you covered!

It's for everyone.

The glossary's software is built with smart, assistive technology and a foundation that will make it easier for all students. With our built-in support functions for people with dyslexia and / or concentration difficulties, the Glossary is adapted to your needs and the teacher can follow the students' development to quickly provide special help where needed.

Glosboken is available on the web, on iOS and Android

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